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The Kensington Club: Bubbles & Bites Brunch Open House
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Assisted Living

If you are just starting out in the search for an assisted living community for a senior loved one, there are most likely some unanswered questions you have, or things you aren’t aware of. There’s a common misconception between skilled nursing and assisted living communities being similar or the same, but they are actually a bit different from eachother. 

In assisted living, residents are mostly independent and need slight help with daily living tasks, while in a skilled nursing home, residents need 24 hour assistance and ongoing medical attention. In the search of finding the right living situation for your senior loved one, take these next points of consideration into account, and think about what is most important to maintain your loved one’s health and happiness. You might be surprised at how much assisted living actually has to offer. 

1. Different Levels of Care Are Provided

Many communities offer assistance to varying levels of care. From those who simply need help remembering their medication, to individuals affected by memory loss conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia

Memory care best provides for those with varying stages of memory loss. Each disease progresses in different ways, and individuals will experience each stage differently. Individualized care is offered at communities like The Kensington, where we strive to leverage maintain the strengths of each resident. 

Through daily care routines, activities that double as therapy and fun, and 24/7 monitoring, it’s a safe and engaging environment. 

2. Each Community is Unique In It’s Own Way

While assisted living doesn’t typically offer on-site doctors, there are some that do have on-site nurses. This allows for medical attention to be very accessible and to have the health and wellbeing of a loved one monitored closely. Continuum of care is another trait that assisted living communities can offer, which allows for those starting out in minimal levels of care to expand later on as their needs change due to physical ability or memory loss.

This gives the comfort in knowing staff will be there for your loved one every step of the way, with attention to detail and devoted attention.

3. Pets Are Allowed

That’s right, Fido can move in too! Many assisted living communities love pets and will accommodate dogs and cats. Weight and breed limits may be in place however, so it’s important to make sure that the policies match up with your furry companion.

At The Kensington, we believe in the mental and emotional benefits seniors can be given from having a pet. We encourage them to be a part of our family just as much as we do their human counterparts. 

4. Keeps Couples Together

Depending on the wellbeing of the couple, needs can be met for varying levels of care to provide the best situation for them. Some couples can end up living together in a one bedroom suite, a two bedroom to accommodate for differing sleeping habits or equipment such as a CPAP machine, or share a suite in the appropriate senior living community or a memory care wing. 

If one spouse is in a more advanced stage of memory loss, the best situation might be for them to reside in each community. This enables the more independent individual to still maintain independence, but also be able to spend time with their loved one everyday. 

5. Rehabilitation Services Can Be Offered On-Site

Some assisted living communities offer skilled rehabilitation therapists on-site. This can help those who are recovering from a fall, or other types of injuries or medical conditions recover and transition smoothly into a new environment. 

At The Kensington Redondo Beach, our partners at HealthPRO Heritage work closely with residents to build and expand their strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance to ensure they not only recover, but are less susceptible to reinjury.

From speech, physical, to occupational therapy, these forms work to help seniors with strength, range of motion, mental health, communication, and memory. 

The Transition to Assisted Living

For some families, the initial talk with a senior parent about the move into an assisted living community may not come as easily as others. Seniors that are adamant about maintaining independence and the ability to socialize can be reminded what assisted living can do to improve these aspects of life, and have their concerns eased. 

In a community with those in the same age range as them, they’ll be able to interact with likeminded individuals. Group activities are a norm and can allow them to even take up new hobbies they have never been able to before! By mitigating the tasks of daily routine and upkeep of a home, they are given the opportunity to simply find enjoyment in each day and experience a new chapter of life. 

If you have questions about The Kensington Redondo Beach and our policies surrounding pets or other topics offered here, feel free to give us a call today! We promise to love and care for your family, as we do our own.

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