Tanya Walker Wirth Photo

Tanya Walker Wirth

Executive Director

Michelle McQuain Photo

Michelle McQuain

Director of Community Relations

Terri Diamond Photo

Terri Diamond

Director of Nursing

Kelley Koul Photo

Kelley Koul

Director of Assisted Living

Kieran Harrington Photo

Kieran Harrington

Director of Dining Services

Teresa Mendoza Photo

Teresa Mendoza

Business Office Manager

LeAnn Siegel Photo

LeAnn Siegel

Director of Community Outreach

Michael Mazza Photo

Michael Mazza

Director of Environmental Services

Zamira Calderon Photo

Zamira Calderon

Assisted Living Supervisor

Pamela Myers Photo

Pamela Myers

Haven Memory Care Manager

Carlos Gonzalez  Photo

Carlos Gonzalez

Haven Activity Coordinator

Amy Adams Photo

Amy Adams

Wellness Nurse, RN

Kelly Hoang  Photo

Kelly Hoang

Move In Coordinator

Lorrie Marino Photo

Lorrie Marino

Connections Memory Care Manager

Marlen Bonilla Photo

Marlen Bonilla

Assisted Living Activity Coordinator

Rachael Kengott Photo

Rachael Kengott

Connections Activity Coordinator

Rachael Martinez  Photo

Rachael Martinez

Human Resource Manager