Dave Faeder Photo

Dave Faeder

I love to help BUILD great teams, great properties, and great communities. It is a real joy to see our properties come alive and then thrive as communities. I see our seniors active and having fun, I see their families engaged and enjoying themselves, and I see how important our role in the overall community becomes. It makes me proud to be able to work with everyone that helps make that happen.

  • Open-minded
  • Loyal
  • Optimistic
Tiffany Tomasso Photo

Tiffany Tomasso

I CARE about seniors with every fiber of my being. Memories of volunteering at a nursing home as a young teen and living with my grandparents for six years are precious…they inspired my professional calling. I have worked with, around and among seniors for over 26 years. I love what I do, and I wake up every day eager to use my talents to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our residents.

  • Passionate
  • Inspirational
  • Savvy
Steve Lampa Photo

Steve Lampa

I ASPIRE to create a superior experience where our residents can be themselves and enjoy life to the fullest extent possible. The deepest impression that caregiving for my Dad left upon me was his struggle to remain independent in the face of challenges imposed by age. I am personally moved and committed to cultivate and provide only the highest levels of service that enable seniors to thrive.

  • Dedicated
  • Thorough
  • Fair
Billy Shields Photo

Billy Shields

I COLLABORATE with a team of professionals who like me, find great satisfaction in designing and developing communities in which our residents can flourish. This West Coast-based team has a vast inventory of knowledge that enables us to successfully navigate and manage the development process‚ finding the right locations, obtaining municipal approvals, designing and constructing resident and family centered communities. This team of professionals constantly sort through those innovative ideas that will or will not benefit our residents and our operating team each day.

  • Team Player
  • Committed
  • Innovative
Tanya Walker Photo

Tanya Walker

I ENERGIZE those around me by bringing enthusiastic leadership and a spectacularly wide smile to every interaction I have. My grandparents – who were the consummate leaders – taught me the importance of diligence and the power of connection. I bring their lessons to my life’s calling, which is to touch the lives of seniors with love and care. I will move mountains to make a positive difference. And trust me, those mountains will move.

  • The Engine That Could
  • Dynamo
  • Champion