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Essential Considerations for Assisted Living for Couples

When your parents decide it’s time to live someplace with more help then they can access in their current home, they may ask for your help in finding a solution. Married couples are traditionally much less likely than single individuals to enter an assisted living community, and your mom and dad might not immediately think of this type of place as a possibility. But couples do reside in senior living communities, and the numbers of couples making such a shift are predicted to rise.

If you have questions about the care our team at The Kensington Redondo Beach can provide, please don’t wait to get in touch with us.

What is most important for Assisted Living for Couples?

Helping your parents find a community that accommodates assisted living for couples means doing some research into their potential needs as they age. It also means looking for a place that not only allows couples to stay together but nurtures their relationship by providing the varying levels of care they may need individually as they age. If your mom and dad have a strong and loving relationship, they can benefit greatly from being allowed to stay together as they age.

The following list can help you ask the right questions as you look into senior living for your loved ones.

  1. Couples Friendly Room Policies. Some senior living communities may have a strict one person per room policies. In contrast, a community that supports assisted living for couples will make the best possible arrangements for your parents to live together providing several options for their room(s) layout.Options could include a large bedroom with a shard bed, a room with two beds to accommodate sleeping habits or medical equipment such as a CPAP machine, or even a suite with separate bedrooms for maximum comfort as needed by the couple in residence.Will the community be flexible and accommodate your parents’ wishes for sleeping and living arrangements?
  2. Flexible Care for Couples with Diverse Needs. A community not set up for couples may also mandate the same package of care be pre-set for couples even if one spouse requires significantly less care. A couples friendly community will be flexible and allow for a shared room but split levels of care that tailored to your mom and dad’s individual needs. They will also allow for adjustments to be made to accommodate changing levels of care.Does the community you are reviewing have a sliding range of care that provides what is necessary for each spouse without a cookie-cutter approach?
  3. Activities for Both Spouses, as a Couple and Individually. A senior living community should have a thriving social program that allows for inclusivity at all levels as well as options for different interests. Your mom and dad may enjoy some of the same activities while also express interest in pursuing separate interests.Is the community set up for a variety of activities? Are there sufficient well-trained staff to ensure the safety and enjoyment of both participants as well for those who choose to not participate?
  4. A Clear, Transparent Tour and Placement Process. While your involvement and input into the care choices for your parents is valued, you want to ensure they are respected and listened to equally. One or more visits to the community can allow you to observe staff and administration and see if they include your parents in the discussion.Making the transition into a senior living community is much easier for seniors when their dignity is respected. The more control they have over the moving process, the happier they will likely be with the move.Do the staff and administration speak directly to cognitively capable parents, or ignore them? If there are couples, are both spouses given equal attention and respect?
  5. Options for Aging Spouses with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. If one spouse has or develops Alzheimer’s or dementia while living in a community, memory care on the premises can assure they remain together even as one of them requires more frequent or specialized care. At The Kensington Redondo Beach, couples who need dementia care can transition into memory care neighborhoods specifically designed ensure safety and wellness while aging in place, together.Will your parents be able to maintain their relationship as they age, even if one of them has to fail cognitive ability?

Arranging senior care for a couple can be a challenge as you navigate the needs, wants, and requirements of each parent. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing they have not been separated and can enjoy their days together. As the need for more senior living and memory care communities continues to grow The Kensington Redondo Beach is growing with it, to ensure your parents can enjoy everything they need to stay safe, happy, and healthy within their reach. To book your personalized tour get in touch today. We can’t wait for you to see The Kensington Redondo Beach for yourself.

If you have questions about the care our team at The Kensington Redondo Beach can provide, please don’t wait to get in touch with us.
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