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Maria Shriver’s Thoughts on Taking the Time to Unwind.

“Between the impact of Covid-19 on our lives and the divisive nature of the political discourse around us, these are particularly tense and uncertain times. Many of us are suffering from anxiety and bewilderment, and it’s hardest on those who are forced to live in isolation for the protection of their health. I know it’s easy to reflect on everything that seems wrong in the world. There sure seem to be plenty of those things right now! What I do increasingly is fight off negativity by closing my eyes and mentally clicking through those things I still get to appreciate, like my garden, a walk in nature, or my gratitude for having a family, even if we can’t all be together right now. Disciplining myself to think of those things and meditate on the power they have to make life better not only brings me immediate pleasure, but distracts me from feelings of distress. I feel calmer in an instant.”

Get Educated. Inspired. And Empowered.

The Latest in Women’s Brain Research, Alzheimer’s Prevention & Healthy Aging.

Moderated by Maria Shriver and Deborah Roberts, the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement (WAM) Virtual Summit will feature inspiring interviews with leading researchers, doctors and health advocates.

Members of The Kensington community will receive a special discounted ticket price at check out with promo code KSL.