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Caregiver Corner

Q&A with Kensington Family Member, Susan Evans

At The Kensington, we understand that caregiving for a loved one is a demanding responsibility. We recognize that making decisions about the care for your loved one is never easy. If you would like to be included in our monthly Caregiver Corner Q&A, please email Susan Evans at with your question.


I am feeling overwhelmed with guilt and the best timing to put my father into an assisted living community.  It has become incredibly difficult to have him at home even with full time caregivers.  How did you know when the timing was right and how did you come to your decision?

Can you offer any advice?


It felt like overnight that I went from being a daughter to a caregiver after my father’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease. I was desperately worried about my mother, who had essentially lost her partner in life, and also worried about my dad’s progression with the disease. There were so many unknowns. We tried having caregivers come to the house, and taking my father on outings, but as his symptoms and behavior became worse, and I knew it was causing extreme stress on my mother.  Never did I ever imagine that I would look at a memory care community for my father. Never did I ever imagine that I would consider placing my father in a senior living community. The guilt was overwhelming. When we finally did make the decision, we chose Kensington because of their exceptional memory care support. With their enhanced assisted living and memory care programs, we knew that Kensington would be perfect for my dad. And he would never have to move again.

The programs and stimulus that Kensington provides could never have been replicated at home. My mother has lunch with my father every day, and I am free to visit as often as I please. The timing is tricky, but I knew my father’s illness was causing both emotional and physical health concerns on my mother, so we knew the timing was right. And with the memory-care programs that Kensington provides, I know my father is happier as well.