Senior Couples and the Power of Staying Together as You Age

Results of a recent study of marriage and physical capability indicate that happily married senior couples are healthier and have more mobility than unmarried seniors or those who have been widowed. The Kensington Redondo Beach is uniquely set-up to offer the ability to keep senior couples together, regardless of different health care needs.

Social and intimate relationships can be extremely important to senior health. The idea of being separated from their spouse can make your loved ones resist the idea of moving into a senior living community. However, more and more senior care and memory care communities are now making it easier for senior couples to move in together and age naturally, with each partner receiving the care they need when they need it.

At The Kensington Redondo Beach, we welcome couples. Our senior living community is set up to allow aging in place, and our two memory care neighborhoods provide appropriate levels of care required at each stage of Alzheimer’s or dementia. We specialize in customized care that emphasizes independence and self-sufficiency as much as possible while providing a safe, enriching and peaceful home.

If you have questions about the care our team at The Kensington Redondo Beach can provide, please don’t wait to get in touch with us.

Longer Life Expectancies = More Senior Couples in Living Communities

Life expectancy around the world is continuing to increase steadily, and by 2050 17% of the population will be age 65 or older – almost double the percentage in 2015. The percentage of those aged 85 or above is expected to triple.  In the United States and Canada, the worldwide projections come true even sooner – one out of five adults will be over the age of 65 by 2030.

These data points indicate that more elderly couples will be living longer and may need to move into a senior living community together. As more couples seek to stay together for their continued health and happiness, more senior communities will be required that recognize these needs and wants and find ways to accommodate them.

Advantages of Senior Living for Couples

When one spouse needs more help than the other, this can relieve the need for the younger or healthier spouse to become a caregiver. If one of your parents has early Alzheimer’s, the other could quickly become exhausted by the level of care their loved one needs, especially in cases where dementia leads to insomnia and wandering.

If your dad has dementia, your mom may not be able to care for him alone, but may also fiercely resist the idea of separating. When a memory care community that accepts couples is an option, the perfect solution can be found to allow her to enjoy time with her husband while not being overwhelmed by his required level of care.

Likewise, if your mom has some memory issues but is otherwise in good health, but your dad is beginning to need more help with physical tasks like getting from the bed to the chair, both sets of care need to be considered individually.

Finding a senior living community that accepts couples can allow both of them to receive the care they need without worrying if they are doing enough for each other or enduring anxiety over potentially being separated. The Kensington Redondo Beach is uniquely set-up to provide this level of care for your loved ones.

The Logistics of Couples Care in Senior Living Communities

Typically, a senior community will have more single people than couples, but this trend is beginning to shift as more and more communities open their doors to couples who wish to remain together. A variety of options exist depending on the care each spouse needs.

  1. Living together in a one bedroom suite. Couples who are both still mobile and wish to share their room and bed can often live together in a suite, with each spouse receiving the level of care appropriate for their personal needs. This can be a good option if your parents can no longer live at home but want as little disruption as possible to their familiar lives.
  2. Living together in a two bedroom suite, or a single bedroom with two beds. In some cases, your mom or dad may have already shifted to sleeping in a bed of their own, particularly if they have issues sleeping, use a CPAP machine, or need a bed with a raised head. A larger two bedroom suite or a single bedroom suite with two beds can allow them to have their own space at night while enjoying shared living quarters during the day.
  3. Senior living and memory care. Depending on the needs of each couple, arrangements can often be made to allow a couple to share a suite in the appropriate senior living community or a memory care wing or “neighborhood.” In some cases, if Alzheimer’s or dementia is significantly advanced in one spouse but not the other, a suite in each community may be the best choice. This set up allows the spouse who is still living more independently to enjoy life and interactions with other active seniors while continuing to spend time with their loved one daily.

If one or both of your parents need more help than their spouse or extended family can comfortably provide, it might be time to discuss the options available for them to stay together but receive appropriate help daily. Ask us about our couples-friendly policies and how we can work with you and your parents to find a long-term solution that offers them the chance to stay together while still receiving the best possible care.

If you have questions about the care our team at The Kensington Redondo Beach can provide, please don’t wait to get in touch with us.
Photo by Tristan Le from Pexels