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Fun in the Sun: The Longest Day Open House & Fundraiser
Thursday, June 20th 1pm-3pm. Click HERE & RSVP Today!
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senior mobility

Helping a Senior Maintain Mobility as They Age

Retirement hits older adults with the liberty of more free time than they once had. With this, the longingness to travel, renovate the house, or take on new hobbies and pastimes is expected. However, the lack of balance, strength, and mobility resulting from aging, a past injury, or illness can have an effect on how much they can handle.

Physical fitness can take a hit, but also mental wellbeing. Seniors will feel more socially connected with friends and family if they are able to find a safe balance of activity that allows them to be engaged with loved ones and engage in quality exercise. 

Mobility Can Affect Senior Health and Quality of Life

With limited mobility, comes increased fear. The fear of falling or losing their balance can keep them from running errands, exercising, and even moving around their own home in general. 

While increased movement can lead to a greater possibility for injury, some movement is better than none at all. No activity also leads to problems with heart health, obesity, and even mental health. 

How to Improve and Uphold Senior Mobility 

Your dad was an avid tennis player in his prime. He’d frequent the local courts at least twice a week with one of his best friends. These days, tennis is just a subject of conversation. Although he deeply misses his glory days, as a senior there are still ways he can stay active.

Balance, coordination, stretching, strength training, and cardio all remain important as we age. Modifications and alternative ways of doing certain activities are achievable. Stretching is especially crucial for assisting seniors with improving flexibility, tying in a strengthened sense of mobility and balance. Safe movements can help the upper body (neck, shoulders, biceps) and lower body (hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and ankles). 

Safe Exercises for Seniors

The best person to seek advice with before partaking in any physical activity is a physician. They’ll be able to also recommend exercises that work well with preexisting conditions. 

One thing that holds the most importance for people of all ages engaging in an exercise routine is to properly stretch and warm up beforehand. This reduces the risk of injury and provides a more effective session overall. Wearing proper footwear with adequate support is also a key component. 

Low impact exercises are typically the safest for seniors. Some of these include walking, light hiking, tai chi, yoga, water aerobics, cycling, and swimming. 

The health of the mind comes into play here as well. Being motivated to start is the first step, which some seniors may not have at first. Anxiety, stress, or depression can be roadblocks to success if not addressed. Developing a comprehensive health plan that brings together relaxation techniques, such as meditation, can be the turning key that a senior needs to begin a new attitude towards an exercise routine. 

Assisted Living and Active Senior Living Communities

For some seniors, being physically active can be a challenge that can be best answered with the available resources that an assisted living community would offer. Rehabilitation services are often available on-site for those recovering post-injury. 

After recovery, the continued prevention of reinjury is possible through additional wellness and fitness programs. Life enriching group activities also bring the opportunity for socializing that they may not have had before. 

A common misconception with a move to assisted living is the loss of independence. With the added benefit of wellness classes and consistent rehabilitation, the opposite effect is received. A senior can effectively receive a care plan that works daily to improve their mobility, balance, and strength, so that they can feel in better control over their health. 

In addition to physical and social health, nutrition is covered. The dining rooms at senior living communities serve up a balanced menu that can even cater to special diets. At The Kensington Redondo Beach, our menu is flavorful as well as healthy, so that seniors can taste the difference.

The option to have a full support system is worth considering. At The Kensington, we take every resident’s needs into account, and take an individualized approach to care. With assisted living, and two neighborhoods for memory care, our team is able to cater to all levels of memory and physical ability. 

If you would like to learn more about our assisted living, memory care, or rehabilitation services, give us a call today. At The Kensington Redondo Beach, we hold a promise to love and care for your loved one, as we do our very own. See what makes us different and how we can help.

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Memory loss is life changing for all involved. At The Kensington, we provide a state-of-the-art memory care program, a higher staff-to-resident ratio than industry standards, and more advanced care services. Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

For additional resources regarding your loved one’s condition, please read on about our Memory Care, Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia Care.

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