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Wellness Wednesday – Aroma Therapy

We understand caregiving is not easy and we want to support you on this journey. The Kensington Reston is featuring Wellness Wednesday, a weekly offering, as we support you finding calm, boosting happiness, and living your best life as a caregiver.

We invite you to watch our Kensington Yoga instructor, Katie Courlander as she leads our newest offering of Aroma Therapy. In this class, Katie explains how different essential oils can elicit different effects when utilized for maintaining caregiver stress.

The oils we used in this class are provided below:

  1. Lavender – calming, soothes skin
  2. Frankincense – grounding, meditation
  3. Peppermint – digestion, respiration
  4. Orange- uplifting, increases focus
  5. Thieves – immune support, purifying