California Museums and Zoos, Virtual Tours and Live Cams

Museums, parks, and many other attractions may be closed, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave our front door to see some incredible sights. Thanks to the Google Art Project and several zoos, numerous locations are offering virtual tours and live cameras that still allow us to explore.

At The Kensington Redondo Beach, we are observing CDC guidelines of social distancing in order to keep our residents, staff, and their loved ones safe. Events and outings have been canceled for the time being. Here are three virtual California experiences that can teleport you to a new place:

The J. Paul Getty Museum

Located in Los Angeles, the J. Paul Getty Museum is a uniquely architected building that contains art that dates all the way back to the 8th century. Known for the breathtaking views of Los Angeles and a beautiful array of gardens, even outside its doors you’ll find yourself in awe.

Commonly referred to as “the Getty”, the Getty Foundation holds a deep mission to inspire appreciation and fascination for cultural heritage and the artistic spirit. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, decorative arts, and even photographs from Europe, Asia, and America are among the many visual pieces on display.

Historic photographs from Dorthea Lange, presidents, Native American chiefs, and other iconic scenes are among the collection. Roman and Greek sculptures bring life to ancient times and are even housed in a replica Roman country house from the first century. 

Their online experience showcasing 15,709 objects can be found here: J. Paul Getty Museum

De Young Museum

As one of the largest art institutions in San Francisco, the Fine Arts Museums of de Young in Golden Gate Park is one for the bucket list. It was 1895 when this establishment was opened. Since then, it has been a growing center for the appreciation and preservation of art. From the Americas to Africa, paintings, sculptures, and even costume and textile arts are among the variety of objects within its halls.

Their online experience featuring 365 items can be found here: de Young Museum

The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo spans a large amount of land, at around 100 acres in order to house the 3,700 animals and 660 species. From mammals, birds, reptiles, to even the plant life, a variety of biomes and habitats are presented.

Their mission is to never stop working towards conservation efforts. 22 years have been dedicated to giant panda efforts alone. Endangered species are a focus of the San Diego Zoo, and they take pride in the dedication that they put in to keep species further from extinction.

With 11 different live cameras available for 24/7 viewing, you can still pay a virtual visit to giraffes, penguins, baboons, orangutans, polar bears, and even the butterflies in their garden.

Their online live cameras can be found here: San Diego Zoo.

As we observe the CDC recommendations for social distancing, it is bringing some of us closer to our homes and families, and we are now looking for different ways to seek adventure. While museums and other fun attractions remain closed, it does not mean we cannot still be given a safe way to enjoy them.


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